These are high concentrates of Micronised Coated CaCO3 in LLDPE & PP polymer carriers.
To make our filler masterbatches, we use virgin polymers, the finest quality calcium carbonate (whiteness >98), and additives of known chemical brands. We use advanced compounding technology and efficient proprietary formulations to achieve the high consistency and quality of our calcium carbonate masterbatches.
Calcium carbonate filler masterbatches are the most effective cost-saving solution for plastic processors. CaCO3 filler masterbatch not only cuts down plastic production costs by replacing a part of virgin polymer during extrusion, injection, and blow molding but also increases output, improves production conditions as well as a number of physical and chemical properties of finished plastic products.
Our quality management system ensures proper lab and online control of raw materials and the production process.
Our Fillers are recommended for applications in Raffia & FIBC, Lamination, Blown Film, Injection & Blow Molding..

Performance Characteristics:

Excellent Anti-Fibrillation.
Reduces Cost.
Enhance Anti-Slip property.
Improves Stiffness.


Talc Filler Masterbatch is a mixture of various compounds. In many industries ranging from plastics, cosmetics to others, the talc is turned into a white powder and mixed with other compounds of Talcum Powder and is used as a filler. In the plastic Industry, Talc is widely used by masterbatch manufacturers to produce filler masterbatch which helps them in improving productivity and reducing the production cost. A plastic masterbatch containing the talcum powder can be used to replace a part of the primary plastic. This is a smart option aiming at saving raw materials while limiting the amount of crude oil, resources are gradually exhausted, in plastic production. At the Bhagyashreecolours Talc, we are engaged in supplying the best quality Talcum powder suitable for plastic filler masterbatch.


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